Wellness is not just the absence of disease. It is about achieving optimal health, vitality and energy.

My aim is to improve the energy and quality of health for each patient. Nutrition is essential to our wellbeing and our food is the fuel and nourishment for our vitality. We only have one body to live in.

Naturopathy endeavours to help each person attain a high level of energy and wellness physically, mentally and emotionally. I believe in the healing power of nature, and the concept of food being medicine, fuel and nourishment. It is core to our vitality and wellbeing. I believe in holistic health and I view the body as a whole entity rather than separate organs and parts. The mind, body and soul are connected and need to be nurtured, honoured and respected.

I am a regular guest on 98five, Mornings with Mike, fortnightly on Thursdays at 10.00am